Sharon Jordan

United Kingdom
Principal UX Designer
Sharon Jordan
“I am passionate about defining solutions that people find easier to use and understand.”

As a Principal UX Designer at Foolproof, I help organisations translate complex problems into simple, engaging experiences that have a positive impact on both the user and the business. I am passionate about defining solutions that people find easier to use, and believe this is the foundation for creating memorable experiences that build value.

Keeping things simple can help people feel more confident and I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to effectively communicate complex processes or information. I’m interested in the way aesthetics can influence perceived usability, how we can be more inclusive in our designs, and the idea that although personalisation helps filter information, it can also narrow our view by presenting us with information that reflects our past. For me, it is also important to consider and support a broader expansion of ideas, encouraging users to discover new things.

My passion for user-centred design was sparked many years ago when I studied a Graphic Information Design degree at Falmouth University. The skills and knowledge I gained have proved invaluable to me as a UX designer and information architect. I also have an MA in Interactive Media, graduating with a distinction and university prize for achievement.

In previous roles, I have worked on a variety projects for well-known brands across different industries including financial services, food service, retail, leisure and charity.

My favourite thing to do outside of work is playing keys and sax in a band, playing at private functions or gigs to raise money for charity. I also like to travel, love the mountains (skiing or hiking) and attempt to do Pilates once a week.