Steph Woodbine

United Kingdom
Senior Visual Designer
Steph Woodbine
"Brand immersion, concept creation, and problem-solving is where I’m in my element."

As a Senior Visual Designer, my role at Foolproof goes beyond creating something that simply looks good. Using insight, my role is to shape engaging experiences that make valuable connections with people that interact with them. 

Working at Foolproof means my work is founded on research and a strong understanding of the end-user. This is imperative when making intelligent design decisions that create meaningful solutions and drive both customer and business value. 

Brand immersion, concept creation, and problem-solving is where I’m in my element: bringing creative thinking and a people-focussed perspective to any project. I’m also passionate about the art of visual storytelling and I love exploring new ways to trigger the imagination and relate to people with the power of empathy and emotion. 

Before joining Foolproof, I worked in the creative industry for 10 years - designing for a wide range of sectors such as education, recruitment, leisure and tourism, not-for-profit, and health services. 

I would like to pass on my passion for my career to the next generation of creatives, inspiring the designers and creators of tomorrow through talks and educational visits so that the industry can keep evolving and improving the way we live.

Outside of work, I like to step away from the screen, enjoy pub lunches, getting messy while crafting, see live music or buy yet another house plant.