Alex Lee

Principal Designer
Alex Lee
"I enjoy becoming immersed in complex technical problems and design systems."

I'm a Principal Designer at Foolproof with over 20 years of industry experience across a wide range of sectors and practices - from monolithic government departments to agile start-ups.

I cut my teeth as a graphic designer in the UK - designing t-shirts and optimising GIFs - but switched from graphic design into user experience in 2006 while working at Yahoo.

In 2008, I co-founded my own real-estate start-up in Miami which was an invaluable experience as getting a product off the ground in an unfamiliar market required a considered approach.

When I returned to the UK, I had the fortune of working with many of the very best design and experience agencies in London on projects ranging from healthcare to fashion. I also worked in-house at a variety of media companies building agile User Experience teams from scratch and instilling design thinking into business processes.

Although I enjoy becoming immersed in complex technical problems and design systems, I have recently focussed my attention on luxury strategy and experience such as; autonomous vehicle UI, luxury hotel technology and premium retail environments.

My role as Principal Designer at Foolproof is to help clients define and deploy customer centred solutions to their business problems. I’m an advocate of creating products and services which meet both users’ emotional and rational needs. I strive to balance data-driven decision making with first hand evaluation and validation in real-life contexts of use. I’ve found that connecting clients to the needs and pains of their customers enables them to make informed decisions and facilitate better outcomes.

When I’m not working in front of a screen, I’m either playing games in front of a different screen (spending far too much time roaming virtual worlds while justifying it to myself as UI and storytelling research).