Alice Wilkie

Principal Consultant
Alice Wilkie
"Much of my role is balancing customer desirability, business viability, and technical feasibility to bring new products and services to market."

As a Principal Consultant, I can often be found leading research projects for a number of our clients. I’m naturally curious and keen to understand the motivations behind why people do what they do, and this lends itself well to my role. Not only do I relish getting under the skin of what makes people tick, I also thoroughly enjoy the process of making sense of it, and turning insight into recommendations to drive new products and services.

Much of my role is balancing customer desirablility, business viability, and technical feasibility to bring new products and services to market. I have over 6 years experience doing exactly that with clients such as Anglia Ruskin University, GAME, Legal & General, The Times, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Atkins, Heathrow Airport, More Th>n, St John Ambulance, and many more.

Taking insights and making them actionable is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I love nothing more than understanding problems and turning them into solutions. But doing this in a fast, programmatic, low-risk way through the scientific experimentation framework of: hypothesis, method, measures.

I spent 4 years in my last role at Fluxx as an Innovation Consultant using this approach, uncovering insights, brainstorming ideas, creating hypotheses and methods in which to test them with measurements around success. This framework has allowed me to bring several new products and services to market for clients in a low-risk, low-cost, and fail-safe way.

There isn’t a sector that doesn’t interest me, but I’m particularly fascinated by the use of technology that complements human care, in light of making service design improvements to care homes. A poignant problem that we have in the UK, and across the globe, with our ever growing ageing population.

Outside of work, I recently ran my first ever marathon in Paris (which was greatly complimented by wine and cheese - pre and post, not during) and I have my fingers crossed that I will get into the London marathon in 2019.

I can also often be found spending money that I don’t have on perfume and beer, whilst ogling over peoples dogs (especially pugs).