Amzed Hussain

United Kingdom
Head Of Digital Solutions
Amzed Hussain
"My role starts with strategising clients’ digital initiatives, creating strategic roadmaps and directing the tactical executions which meet clients’ digital excellence."

As a Head of Digital Solutions, I’m responsible for everything customer experience - from conception to delivery. This means I wear multiple hats to help clients evolve in their digital transformation journey.

My role starts with strategising clients digital initiatives, creating strategic roadmaps and directing the tactical executions which meet clients digital excellence. This requires a rich understanding of our clients target audiences, their functional and informational needs, goals and preferences, online and offline behaviour, as well as motivations. These inform the digital strategies and technical components required to deliver intuitive and compelling experiences.

My approach towards clients is based on the philosophy that our success is measured by the success of those we serve - whether advising strategic vision, crafting delightful experiences, or delivering reliable solutions. 

The key aspect I bring into the entire spectrum of client engagement is the innovation-driven methodology where I put myself into the clients shoes and generate strategies and solutions for business growth.

Exploring and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible means I’m always looking for ways to experiment with and integrate new methodologies and design trends into projects where appropriate.

I also really enjoy the finer details of crafting beautiful UI, fine-tuning design elements - from micro-interactions all the way to page layout. Details really matter, and this attention to detail ensures that a digital experience is coherent and not compromised in any way.

I come from a solutions integrator background, having worked at top e-commerce and design agencies - leading several digital transformation projects for clients worldwide. With overall expertise in Business, Technology, Operations, User Experience, Marketing, Merchandising and an urge to continuously innovate, I have built teams around these areas and successfully led them into service practices which generate organisational value.

If I wasn’t in this field, I would have become a teacher, as I like to mentor tech leads and love to build and champion successful teams. While, in my free time, I write articles about all things technology and share them with my following. I also love traveling, trying new cuisines and swimming – which is my latest mantra.