Katherine Reyes

Managing Director
Katherine Reyes
"I oversee the operational functions that keep our business running and people happy."

As Singapore's Managing Director, I oversee the operational functions that keep our business running and people happy. I am focused on growing and managing business performance, establishing long-term client relationships by ensuring clients are happy and supported with quality service work. I’m also working to ensure the growth and development of our highly skilled team in Singapore.

My early switch to mobile marketing in the United States, at a time when most brands did not yet understand the importance of mobile, has enabled me to spend a substantial portion of my career on the front lines of digital change focused on integrated traditional and digital experiences. User experience has always been an important aspect of what I do, and I am passionate about creating better experiences for both my clients, the end customer and my team. 

Being one with a big heart, I enjoy building healthy relationships where both sides are equally valued. I believe the best work comes from a team of both clients and practitioners who are passionately and collaboratively involved.

Where my biggest joy now lies is having the honour to work with an incredible team and not only supporting them but also empowering them to become well-rounded leaders themselves so that they, too, can drive the design industry forward. 

Prior to joining Foolproof, I worked across various agencies within the Interpublic Group in New York and Los Angeles (Huge, McCann, Ansible, Universal McCann, and Initiative) running multimillion-dollar digital accounts such as P&G’s SK-II, Microsoft, Kia Motors USA, Intel, and Intuit. I managed everything from strategy and creative to development and analytics for my clients and was a dedicated mobile specialist helping brands integrate mobile into their campaigns and overall business strategy.

While at McCann, I led the Microsoft Course IQ project which won two Cannes Lions in 2017, and in 2012, my key client at Ansible, Kia Motors, won the “triple crown” of the automotive industry with our site being named the Best Mobile Site of the Year by J.D. Power.

Outside of the office, I’m a curious explorer who loves traveling the world and immersing myself into different cultures, an active outdoorsy Californian who enjoys being on the water wakeboarding, an Italian-at-heart wine drinker and pasta maker; and more recently, an adventurous scuba-diver who hates being under water but oddly finds it calming.