Adoption and change

Focus on people to drive adoption and change within your business.

Reduce the chance of digital transformation failure

Part of any change management process involves adopting new technology, processes and strategies, that’s where we come in. We take a human-centred approach to change management that delivers buy-in, scale and momentum. We align people and objectives with vision and investments - giving shape to your future and its promised business value.

Organisational change management

From the get-go organisational change requires alignment. We create strong governance and nurture and develop champions within your organisation to help promote the adoption of changes to technology, tools, systems and processes.

We use our expertise in communication and marketing to create messaging that cuts through the noise and resonates with audiences, combined with our experience design smarts to see off any adoption issues. Once implemented, we help measure the success of the roll-out, identifying potential areas for improvement and optimisation.

Capability and capacity planning

We’re experienced in conducting gap analysis, identifying strategic objectives and assessing organisational readiness for change, which we map against learning architectures that evolve over time to map the progression of your organisation.

To aid further buy-in, we tell the change story with you, keeping everyone up-to-date with the process while making the complex and dull, interesting and engaging, through the creation of bespoke assets and updates.

Awareness campaigns, asset design and execution

Ahead of any change, we’ll plan the campaign, including creating design assets, content and engaging with relevant stakeholders to flesh out the story while remaining truthful to the story of adoption and change we’re seeing. With the plan made, we execute against it, including enabling team members across your organisation and adding any gamification elements to supercharge adoption.

Training and continued improvement

We’ll design, create and share the instruction that any adoption of new technology will require, as well as facilitating any additional training, coaching or mentoring. We go beyond the out of the box documentation by making things engaging for employees and executives alike, this drives change holistically across your business.

Once implemented, we offer hands-on support and create calendars of learning events across departments and even whole organisations. This brings people together and key moments where important messages about the adoption of new tools, technologies and processes can be relayed in a compelling way.

Samples of our work

Where we've driven change and adoption

Understand where we've influenced an up-tick in the use of tools, applications and experiences.

Digital platform engineering


We partnered with UCL to design and build a new employee experience platform for managing HR and administrative activities, such as booking annual leave or updating personal details.

Leading retailer

Leading retailer

We partnered with a leading retailer to transform two of their tools that guide employee and customer experience through observational research and design.

service design


We helped Lloyds Banking Group design a service which allows customers to speak with mortgage advisors remotely from the comfort of their own home, or while using an interface in-branch.

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