Engineering and platforms

Engineering better digital products by focusing on the right problems and finding the right solutions.

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Technology led by experience

Beyond the tools, frameworks and platforms, there is always a problem to be solved. Our approach to engineering blends technical smarts with problem-solving know-how. We’ll help you pinpoint solutions that address problems in the right way.

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Technology enables experience

Strong foundations are everything. That’s why we rigorously test your technologies, platforms, and codebases, optimising with scale and ease of maintenance in mind.

From design to deployment, our approach delivers products quickly, efficiently and consistently across the digital spectrum.

We build applications and products in code frameworks that fit your needs. For migrations and consolidations, we work across experience management platforms like Liferay, Adobe and Sitecore. We also provide solutions in low code like OutSystems and are skilled in headless CMSs, as well a building from the ground with bespoke frameworks up to get products rapidly to market.

Getting under the skin of your product

Our engineers live and breathe insight and innovation. Before ever writing a line of code, they immerse themselves in the insight, strategy, design, and technology to power your ecosystem.

With this information, they work side by side with product owners, content specialists, strategists, designers, and business analysts to engineer products that succeed in market.

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Engineering and creative technology

We evolve platforms, recommend new technologies, define architectures, integrate or bridge new and existing technologies all in the aid of creating scalable digital experiences. This is based of off understanding where technology is going, what your customers expect aligned to what you can deliver today. When it comes to engineering for AI, we take content, design and technical architecture seriously to set solid foundations for new technical expressions.

Engineering partners

Through auditing and developing your toolsets, processes and practices we can improve your product culture and better govern your engineering and technology platforms and teams.

As we work, we can up-skill and educate your existing teams, enhancing the relationship between your products and their technology landscape. Over time, this delivers velocity by promoting product-led engineering excellence across your organisation.

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